Welcome to  9Tactical Official Online Store!

9Tactical is a team of front line military veterans that always stood on “the light side of the force”. Many of us have years of experience organizing personal security of the top diplomatic officials and other top and famous VIPs. Most of us actively consult and train military and police professionals.

At 9Tactical we develop and manufacture CCW (concealed carry weapon) bags for police, military, security forces, and civilian gun owners. Our design is the result of years of research and constant on going personal input from hundreds of armed professionals active all over the world. Due to the materials we use to manufacture, our products sustain prolonged, heavy beating in a front line situation. In the end, each of our products is innovative, practical, comfortable, compact, and stealth.

Rigorous testing in real military/police operations shaped our product to provide exceptionally fast weapon deployment.
Any of our tactical bags allows you to store all needy devices in your own order for quick and efficient use (radio, video equipment, lights, knife, medical kits, etc.). You will be able to choose a bag of specific size&model according to your exact needs. Our products are more a holster with a bag, than just a holster to carry a concealed weapon.

We combine the reliability of military materials and technologies with an attractive civilian style that does not draw attention of bystanders